18 December 2005

Dennis Leary's Merry F#%$in Christmas (Comedy Central, 2005)

Dennis Leary promised to put the X back in Xmas with this holiday special and he sure as [expletive deleted] did. It premiered November 27th on Comedy Central; in Canada, it aired last night on the Comedy Network.

With special guests ranging from the Barenaked Ladies to Carmen Electra, I was looking forward to settling in for an hour of raunch with a holiday twist. Instead, most of it was about as un-funny as an average episode of Mad TV. From the racist re-telling of A Night Before Christmas (set in "tha hood" and read by actor/comedian Charlie Murphy) to the very nasty mock infomercials suggesting viewers donate cash to get flat-chested teen girls breast implants (you can buy t-shirts for the non-cause if you really want to), it was like watching a trainwreck. Even the opening song, the titular "Merry F#%$in Christmas!" was weak, despite being animated a style reminiscent of the Rankin-Bass holiday specials.

There was only one laugh-out-loud sketch (there would've been two, but the promo spot gave the other laugh away) in which Dennis Leary lamented the lack of "dangerous toys" under the tree these days.

I recommend skipping this turkey.


Comedy Central is selling the CD-Single of "Merry F#%$in Christmas!" with "over 15 minutes" of bonus comedy material.

If you are looking for some funny Dennis Leary, pick up a copy of Dennis Leary [Limited Collector's Edition] on DVD. It contains material from No Cure for Cancer and Lock N' Load, plus the video for his hit song, A**hole.


Ted said...

Oh why did I not listen!

I watched it even after reading your warning and it was the WORST F#%$in Christmas show ever. It was actually painful to watch (or just listen to as I wrapped presents in the next room.)

Cheryl said...

Yep. Truly cringe-tastic. I do feel vindicated, though. :) That'll teach you not to listen.