13 September 2011

X-Men First Class: The Mutant Blu-Ray

I loved X-Men First Class. So much so, that I saw in the theatre on opening day and a week before I bought it on DVD. To my sadness, the movie was CHOPPY. I am running another blu-ray in my PS3 to make sure it's not the new PS3. Here is a tweak to get it to play but skip a lot, and then I finally got it to work beautifully Here's the solution:
  1. Fire up your PS3
  2. Go into the Settings.
  3. Turn off the Internet connection.
  4. Erase all the files in the BD Temp folder.
  5. Erase the X-Men First Class file under the Data tree. (tool around, you'll be able to find it)
  6. Restart your PS3 without the disc in it.
  7. Put in the movie and rejoice! It looks like a cross between an episode of Mad-Men and the first 50 issues of X-Men.